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If the landscape is to succeed in the long term, correct care in the first three years is important. Maintenance falls broadly into three distinct stages.

Phase 1 – Establishment
Ensure that your programme of maintenance covers:
Watering – Even one instance of drought can have life threatening consequences for the plants and tree. Waiting for leaves to show loss of turgor and drought stress before watering is too late. Ensure watering is pro-active and applied deeply enough to be beneficial. The watering should be phased out over three years to encourage the tree to establish its own root system in relation to existing groundwater conditions.

Weeding – Competition for scarce water between trees and weeds can be intense. It is good practice to maintain a weed/grass free area around the tree and plants. This will also keep damaging strummers’ at a distance if in turf areas.

Regular Inspection – Check for tree and plants stability, loosen tree ties as the tree grows and remove them after three years. Countless trees have been strangled by ties. Check for early signs of disease, stress, chlorosis etc – quick action will be the most beneficial. Damaged limbs should be pruned carefully. Arbor vents should be checked and cleaned annually.

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