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International Product Experience & Cutting Edge technology

Indoor and outdoor landscaping is a valuable element of your property assets Greenleaf aims to use technology that conserves natural resources and limits negative environmental impacts that are used to develop and facilities the projects. We look at how these technologies reduce the project development cost and increase sustainability.

Smart Water Management

Today, more than ever before, water management and conservation is vital to our urban society. A city without any tree-lined streets and parks and green belts is depressing, so trees, grass and plants will likely always be with us. Technology makes it possible to have the best of both worlds: beautiful landscapes and minimal use of water.

Some very smart options for water management come from Baseline. Baseline controllers work on a simple principle: Let the soil moisture level decide when water is needed. Using soil moisture sensors to gauge the irrigation, Baseline optimizes the amount of water needed for a landscape, therefore using the least amount of water to get the best looking landscape possible.

Soil moisture sensor is a simple device that can work with any controller. Using an existing valve wire, the can be connected to the timer and control when you irrigate according the moisture in the soil.

Baseline’s more robust controllers can easily connect to the Internet and can be programmed from a laptop or Smartphone. Baseline is on the cutting edge of watering landscapes only when needed, using technology to make it easier and affordable.

Self Watering Planter
We deals in Lechuza planter “A Self watering Planter with water indication imported from Germany”
Indoor Air Quality

Greenleaf has developed a suite of environmentally sound business solutions to give your company the knowledge and support to optimize the indoor environment for better health and productivity. We provide new ideas, ways of thinking and expertise to: We are using latest product like co2 monitore


We are always learning something new and exciting from other professionals in our field. So when we get a chance to be involved with the design of a school project with the potential to teach others about the importance of nature and conservation of resources, we feel this is a great opportunity to give back. Use solar Renewal Energy at your work station for a better world.

Cutting edge Technology

Our experience as Environmental Services partner combined with our knowledge of sustainable landscape materials and construction principles puts us on the cutting edge when it comes to landscape installation. We have a talented and well trained staff, and our cost is extremely competitive, allowing us provide exceptional value to our clients.

  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  • Xeriscape Landscape
  • Green Walls
  • Solar renewal Energy
  • Permeable Paving
  • Soil Erosion Control
  • Highly Efficient Irrigation
  • Drought Tolerant species
  • Species to repel Mosquitoes
  • Native Plantings
  • Rain Water Filtration
  • Space for relaxation
  • Preservation of Top Soil
  • Turf Design
  • Developed Nursery at site
  • Native Species

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