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Health, Prosperity and Sustainability

Green concepts and techniques in the landscape can help address national issues like water efficiency, energy efficiency, waste management and enhancing biodiversity. Most importantly, these concepts can create healthier and safer places for people to live, work & play and also makes good business sense.

Green Environment Benefits
    The Green Landscapes can have tremendous benefits, both tangible and intangible. Few benefits include:
  • Water savings: up to 40 %
  • Enhances biodiversity
  • Enables health and well-being
  • Promotes native species
  • Energy savings: up to 30%
  • Effective waste management
Future Green Environment

Planting tree remains one of the cheapest and most effective means of drawings excess co2 from the atmosphere. Below is a brief summary of just a few of the many benefits green environment that local authorities, developers, urban planners, architects and specifies need to be aware of.

Health – Trees have a positive impact on the incidence of skin cancer, asthma, hypertension and stress related illnesses amongst city dwellers. They also provide a number of additional psychological benefits.

Property Values – Plants can increase real estate values. Independent studies show a consistent increase in property values in tree lined streets of between 5-15%.

Crime Reduction – Researchers have discovered reductions in both violent and petty crime, including domestic violence in locations with mature urban tree planting.

Air Quality – Research has shown a 60% reduction in particulates from exhaust fumes, etc in streets with urban tree planting. For every 10% increase in a city tree canopy, ozone is reduced by between 3-7%.

Cooling Effects – One mature tree can produce the same cooling effect as 10 room sized air conditioners. This makes trees an effective tool in reducing urban heat islands and hot spots in cities. Trees can save up to 10% of local energy consumption through their moderation of local climate.

Careful Driving –Road side planting encourages careful driving and reduces incidences of speeding.

Other numerous benefits of urban trees, including traffic calming, storm water management, community cohesion, carbon reduction and more.

Green Environment and Climate Change

By signing up to international carbon reduction targets, central government has issued a challenge to everyone involved in urban space design. Whilst we cannot realistically claim that planting trees in towns will significantly affect global climate, what we do know is that they have a major role to play in city climate mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Trees can, by providing shade and cooling through transpiration and evaporation processes, reduce temperatures around them. Clusters of well established trees probably represent the most effective tool available to urban designers in combating urban heat islands and heat sinks in cities. These pockets of heat accumulate in urban areas as a result of solar energy and glare reflected off engineered hard surfaces. These same surfaces store the heat and release it over night, scarcely having time to cool before the next sun rise.

As mentioned elsewhere on the site, one well established tree can have the effect of 10 room sized air conditioners – but of course from a totally sustainable, zero energy source!

Other Environmental benefits

Green Environment can help to maintain biodiversity by prov iding natural habitats for birds, squirrels and other fauna. Habitat creation of of this type is Increasingly necessary, as many of our native species.

How we can help:
  • By assisting you in evaluating.
  • Providing guidance on best practice in planting methods
  • Giving you quality advice.
  • Providing detailed planting specifications and costing.
  • Supplying practical, cost effective products to assist green environment.
  • Site support when planting.
  • Experienced team to execute the work.

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